Contract options

The Culpeper offers several affordable pricing options to fit your needs.

When you move to The Culpeper, you have two contract options. The first option requires payment of a one-time entrance fee and a monthly fee for the residence of your choice and use of all the community’s exceptional amenities and services. The entrance and monthly fees vary depending on the type of residence, number of occupants and agreement you select. We also offer a rental option for independent living and assisted living apartments, if you prefer to move in without paying an entrance fee.

When you require an increased level of care — whether for a short recuperative stay or a long-term need — you only pay for assisted living, nursing care or other health services on an as-needed basis at the going market rate.

Rental rates in independent living start at $2,140 per month. The rate is based on the size of the residence selected.

Assisted living rates start at $143 per day. The rate will vary based on the size of residence selected and the level of care required at the time of admission.

For additional pricing information based on your preferences, please fill out the form below: